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Ed Boks ' self-described "blogger" Mary Cummins is a well-known nutcase in cyberspace


As we will show in upcoming posts and information such as this shocking letter from former Ultra Bike CEO and attorney Hal Collins, the allegations contained in the lawsuit against LA City and Ed Boks by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates aka Mary Cummins-Cobb who is represented by Steven Rheuban of The Law Firm of Rheuban and Gresen is vintage Mary Cummins aka Mary Cummins-Cobb. Meaning, THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME Mary Cummins has alleged that she was coerced into a business relationship to post favorable comments about a company or individual.

Note Mary Cummins history of "malicious" behavior and libel goes back a long time, especially directed at a company or individual that rejected Mary Cummins website "expertise" as most undesirable.

Please take note of the "pornographic" website that Mary Cummins aka Mary Cummins-Cobb designed for Ultra Bike(the woman who claims "sexual harassment" frequently, including the unbelievably sick claims that women want to "rape and kill" her.) Also note that Mary Cummins aka Mary Cummins-Cobb has accused this man, Hal Collins, of "drunkenness" as well as posted that she believed he went to a mental hospital. The Mary Cummins is the LA Cyberstalker Team has all those posts by Mary Cummins in her own words, too.

From: "Hal Collins" | Block address
To: "Mark Stevens"
Subject: Re: bikr
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 15:55:42 -0700

Dear Mr. Stevens:

I don't know if I should call you "Bill," as you signed your letter, or Mark Stevens, which appears as your e-mail address. In either event, I will
attempt to respond to you questions, to the extent I feel legal constraints permit.

Let me first apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail.

What is happening with this Company can only be disclosed in our SEC filings and press releases. What information we file and release is truthful
and as accurate as we can make it. We believe that credibility is important. Therefore, we won't state something that is not truthful.

I am not permitted to interpret our financial filings for you nor give you my opinion of what they reflect.

I don't know what you mean by "the real plant story." The only story I read was the story Mary Cummins posted immediately after her tour of the factory. That story was "the real plant story," although I didn't agree with
some of Mary's comments or interpretations. Apparently, from posts I have read on
Yahoo, Mary e-mailed certain people another version of that story. I have
never read it, and cannot comment on its truthfulness or accuracy.
However,considering the circumstances under which it was sent, I assume it lacks
objectivity and credibility.

I don't know what you are referring to when you ask, "Is what the unknownposter saying is true?" Are you referring to her second version of the factory tour report. If so, then I cannot answer that, because I
have not read it. If you want to e-mail it to me, then I may be able to respond to it.

I disagree with many of Mary's posts or comments about this company, its management and its employees. I have read a number of her posts which, in
my opinion, contain inaccurate or false information. I have even
corrected her on some of her misstatements, but, in my opinion, she does not seem to
be concerned with the facts.

Mary never worked for us, nor did we mislead her to enter into a
business relationship with us, in order to gain favor with her on the Yahoo board.
Mary had proposed several ideas for our website and was invited to submit a written proposal for consideration. This was under consideration, as of September 15.

We did not move forward with the contract immediately, because we had some issues that we felt needed to be resolved, not the least of which was my
concern with what I perceived as Mary taking license with the truth and the somewhat pornographic lampoon website she posted on September 24, which
was deemed by some within the Company to be too graphic
. That website raised concerns about how we would be perceived by the shareholders and the industry at large, if we used Mary to redesign our website.

However, those issues were never addressed or resolved, because a week later Mary assumed that we had no intention of hiring her and accused us of misleading her to induce her to post only positive statements about Ultra on
Then she began her negative posts of the company, thereby putting anend to any further contract discussions.

I certainly regret the concerns that Mary's posts have caused you and others. I consider them unfair, misleading and malicious.

As to your question of which motorcycle to buy, I cannot tell you why you should buy an Ultra over a Big Dog. I think both motorcycles have the
level of quality and reliability. I think that, based on price, Ultra is a better value.

I like the S & S motor, which Ultra uses, better than the TPE motor that Big Dog uses. Primarily, that is because I don't have any personal experience
with TPE and cannot speak to its reliability. Our motor is 113 cubic inches, and the TPE is 107 cubic inches, I believe. I'm not sure of the horsepower or torque differences, but I would assume that, with comparable
cams, the S & S might have approximately 5 more HP and 5 more foot pounds of
torque. Would you notice the difference? Probably not. Would you have bragging rights for having a bigger motor than someone with a Big Dog?

I don't know how TPE motors are built. However, S & S now dynamically
balances the flywheels in its motors, which will reduce the vibration, which is inherent in long stroke motors.

I like the styling of Ultra's over Big Dog. However, that is a matter of taste, like comparing Formula boats to Fountain boats. I prefer Formula,but Fountain is a quality boat, as well.

I think that Ultras are perceived as more of a "hot rod" or "steroid"

I don't know what type of bike you like, softtail, rubber-mount or
rigid. I
think the new Sledgehammer is a terrific bike. It is my favorite. Even
though it is a rigid frame, it is enjoyable to ride. I currently ride
of our show Sledgehammers, while another is being built for me, which
have some unique features not currently offered on our 2001 models.
want to test the market on some new ideas for this bike.) I don't
think Big
Dog has anything to compete with the looks, style and ride of our
Sledgehammer. It will definitely attract attention, where ever you
However, its MSRP is nearly $24,000. We do produce less expensive

We have also announced the upcoming release of a new soft tail model
with a
"230" rear tire. It will be a Fat Pounder soft tail.

There is no denying that Big Dog makes a nice product and offers good
customer support. I feel that Ultra offers the same, but at a more
affordable price. I think we have more to offer in your price range.

I would suggest that you contact a dealer that carries both Ultras and
Dogs and speak with a salesman and service manager. Two dealers I
recommend are V-Twin City in Pomona and Bikers Dream in Santa Ana. We
other dealers around the country, who also carry both brands, if these
are not in your area.

Finally, if you would like to tour the factory to see our operation for
yourself, then please contact me again, to arrange for a tour.

Thank you for writing.

Hal Collins
----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark Stevens"
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2000 4:26 PM
Subject: bikr

> Harold Collins,
> What is happening with biker? I read the real plant
> tour and want to know whats really happening over
> there. Is what the unknownposter saying is true? Did
> she used to work for you guys? Why should I buy a
> Ultra instead of a Big Dog? I only want to spend about
> 22,000 max. and I don't want to break down. Thanks.
> Bill

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