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Who is who on the internet Animal Advocates Mary Cummins

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AND NOW MORE ABOUT....Notorious Cyberstalker Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates, known stalker of LAAS GM Ed Boks, his fiance Adele Langdon, Tiffany Krog, Annette Stark, Mary Cummins neighbors on N. Sweetzer, Ramones fans, Richie Ramone of the Ramones, stock investors posting on Silicon Investor, Raging Bull, and IHUB---where stunningly one of her few defenders is a guy named Floyd.

Ya, that Mary Cummins. Of Animal Advocates. The nut who sends emails to city council that normal married woman want to "rape and kill" her. Poor Floyd.

And we do feel bad for the guy; he's got so little to work with in defending this quack. And maybe that's why Floyd's meager defense of insane Mary Cummins is to--get this!--abusively call people "loon" whenever they point out the truth about insane nutjob Mary Cummins. Floyd's other attempt to defend this nut--and don't ask us WHY he thinks this MEANS ANYTHING--is to post that the FBI is investigating her victims.

UPDATE: Animal Advocates Mary Cummins changes her photo to yet another old old picture on My Space. Mary Cummins drops "Mary Cummins" and now has become just plain MARY!!!!

We rarely address this nutjob directly but in this case we feel it is warranted: Hey Mary Cummins you crackpot, post a photo of yourself now! And yes, Mary Cummins was balding, even back then. Mary Cummins showed CRAZY CRAZY EYES, even back then.

A word about Floyd. Even Anthony Elgindy--after Elgindy was indicted by the Feds--called Floyd a "paid basher." So Floyd's defamation of the critics of Mary Cummins (ya, he's being sued for libel, too) doesn't impress us in the least. You know what they say about birds of a feather...

Back to Mary Cummins the Psycho, victims as you know include LAAS GM Ed Boks, his girlfriend, LAAS employees and volunteers, attorney Tiffany A. Krog (lied that Krog was disbarred), Toyota marketing's Daniel Gus (there is a photo of Cummins with Toyota security), LA CityBeat reporter Annette Stark (who for some idiotic reason Mary Cummins invented as a " 60 year old past writer " when Stark was not fired and is FAR from 60 years old), LA Daily News reporter Dana Bartholomew (harassed him in emails because he wrote about a nice wildlife rescuer instead of her loony ass) Wrestler Rick Flair, Paisano Publications, Easy Riders, wildlife rescuer Chris Fowler, BMW Beverly Hills, Mary Cummins own neighbors on N Sweetzer like Jason Simas and his tenants, Stock Investors and others. We recently learned that Mary Cummins took the alias anniebonny and has been harassing stock investors ONCE AGAIN on SI, Raging Bull and IHUB, where Mary Cummins alias anniebonny was called a "stalker" (nothing new there) and banned from posting.

Of course anniebonny is pure psycho Mary Cummins, right down to her WRONGFUL claims she has a "countersuit" for stress. She can't perform her "wifely duties" it seems, and her children have "no Mommy."

Stop laughing. This is deadly serious stuff. As we have pointed out in the past.

Now the investors might not be as FAMILIAR with Mary Cummins STUPID INSANE BEHAVIOR like we are. Because we know that Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates originally posted to her insane libelous blog that she had "bunions" no knowledge of computers and a "ten year old" son. Also, Mary Cummins PRETENDED FOR ONE YEAR THAT LA's ANIMAL FRIENDS WAS NOT HER BLOG. In the same way she's pretending she isn't anniebonny now.

But we know Mary Cummins whereever she shows up. Two months ago, we noted that Mary Cummins retired her Ann Angeleno, AnnAngeleno alias (probably having too much fun as anniebonny). Mary Cummins was outed on LA Voice as the writer of the stupid Ann Angeleno articles (she posts them herself on LA Indymedia and Bay Area Indymedia.) Mary Cummins last article as that idiot Ann Angeleno on LA Voice was stripped down when the publishers learned that there is no such person as Ann Angeleno and that Mary Cummins had (ONCE AGAIN!) committed copyright infringement by posting an entire article that did not belong to her, as well as taking one of her victims' names -- former LA Voice publisher Mack Reed.

Mary Cummins, whose hilarious-because-it's-such-a-lie Ann Angeleno profile states that she is a "freelance writer" who writes about (get this!) "civil rights," is suing the city of Los Angeles and failed to disclose that to the publishers of when she sent not one, but two articles, with that alias Ann Angeleno.

Then, on Labor Day Weekend, Mary Cummins saw all her posts stripped down from the Mayor Sam's Sister City Blog, because she (ONCE AGAIN) could not control herself from libeling innocent people while engaging in a frenzied defense of recently removed LAAS Commissioner Marie Atake.

Posting Alias Richard Wright

How do we know?

Well, funnily enough, several months ago Mary Cummins, known to be obsessed with reporter Annette Stark and her husband drummer Richie Ramone, actually emailed the publicist for the Pasadena POPS within minutes of the POPS announcement that Richie Ramone was to be their featured soloist. And this stalker Mary Cummins pretending to be a person named "Richart Wright" gave the email address In that contact, Mary Cummins requested private information about Richie Ramone and his family that real fans just don't ask or care about.

It was quickly determined by Richie Ramone's attorney, his manager, and the publicist for the POPS that Mary Cummins was indeed pretending to be "Richard Wright"---someone who otherwise does not exist---to extract personal information from the Pasadena POPS PR Department about Richie Ramone presumably so Mary Cummins could further harass Richie Ramone, fabricate phony criminal records (Richie Ramone has never been arrested or convicted of any crime, as this nutcase Mary Cummins has alleged and posted all over cyberspace.)

Furthermore, Richie Ramone's attorney and the Pasadena Pops PR department believe that Mary Cummins wanted that personal information from the Pasadena Pops so she could harass Richie Ramone's wife, contact the other symphonies that have booked Richie Ramone to perform, and (ONCE AGAIN) post Richie Ramone and his wife's home address and phone numbers online. They further believe that this harassment stems from Mary Cummins attempts to prevent Richie Ramone and Annette Stark from testifying against her in her frivolous lawsuit against LA City and Ed Boks.

And, predictably, "Richard Wright" music journalist, writer, Ramones fan does not exist....nothing shows up when you do a Google Search for "Richart Wright"+Ramones, etc. None of the other high-profile Ramones fans have ever head of this guy, and you know they would, as we Ramones fans know every Rich who ever wrote a stitch about our band.

Worse, Mary Cummins did this to further invade the celebrity's privacy and to post untrue lies about him all over cyberspace. This woman has real problems, folks!

NOTE: Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates has also posted defamation and lible to Google Groups and even emailed Ramones fans as far as Finland with defamatory untrue lies about Richie Ramone and his wife Annette Stark.

Richard Wright aka Mary Cummins has crawled out of the woodwork to stalk Ed Boks at

How do we know?

Well, how many people in the city of Los Angeles who share an email address and two fictious names are also stalking both Ed Boks and Richie Ramone? There ya go. It's MMMARYINLA. Results for the Google Search for "Mike Nichols" and " have yielded this singular result...

Commissioner Marie Atake resigns over failings of Antonio Mike Nichols
( richwrite [at] ) Sunday Sep 2nd, 2007 2:09 PM. Los Angeles City Animal Services Commissioner Marie Atake resigned August 31 over ...

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